Thingworx Studio

Value of Mixed Reality

  • Empower technicians with step-by-step work instructions for service, assembly or inspection.
  • Enhance sales efforts with visual product companions and digitized showrooms.
  • Facilitate collaborative design review and reduce the need for costly prototypes.
  • Foster improved training methods to optimize employee productivity.




Enhance the view of the physical world. Overlay real-world or hypothetical digital information:

  • IoT data
  • Digital models
  • Third-party data
  • Location data
  • Business systems information

Train or guide users on how to perform a task through the overlay of digital instructions or real-time expert guidance:

  • Real-time transfer of knowledge and expertise.
  • Digital step-by-step instructions to guide user.

Manipulate digital graphics or extend a product interface through an MR interface:

  • Expanded and customize control of product functions.
  • Modify digital designs.
  • Product companion experiences e.g. enhance physical products with digital experiences.