Vuforia Engine

Powerful. Flexible. Superior AR Experiences.

Vuforia Engine is a powerful, widely used software for creating Augmented Reality applications that can be deployed on a range of phones, tablets and AR headsets and Smart Glasses. Developers, businesses and device makers are offered best-in-class computer vision technology that revolutionizes the way we learn, communicate and collaborate – expanding on human skills and efficiencies with the power of AR.

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Key Features

  • Enhance service information relevance
  • Maintain up-to-date service information through streamlined change management
  • Increase author productivity
  • Streamlined translation management

Why Vuforia Engine

Vuforia Engine is the technology of choice for creating engaging AR experiences and enables businesses and developers to unleash creative and value driving solutions. In response to this value, the AR industry is growing. Decisions around which technology to utilize can be difficult, but with Vuforia Fusion, we make it easy. This allows developers to rely on a single Vuforia API to produce an optimal, agnostic AR experience optimized for each device. This paired with having the largest breadth of device support means your high-performance application will reach the largest audience possible.

  • Creative Empowerment
  • Best-In-Class Computer Vision
  • Most Flexibility
  • Broadest Reach

Vuforia Studio Insights

Vuforia Engine
Vuforia Engine

Improve Productivity, Agility and Safety.

Vuforia Engine

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