Vuforia Studio

Rapid Augmented Reality (AR) Authoring Solution

Vuforia Studio provides industrial companies with the tools to quickly create and widely deliver AR content that transforms operations, facilitates knowledge transfer and improves profitability.

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Key Features

  • Reduce Development Costs – Rapidly create content in an intuitive visual authoring environment.
  • Accelerate Content Creation – Build better experiences, faster by efficiently reusing 3D CAD and animated sequences.
  • Deliver Enterprise Scalability – Access and view AR experiences across the enterprise from a single universal application.
  • Easily Provide Insight – Create meaningful, actionable experiences by seamlessly incorporating contextualized IoT data.
  • Support Workforce Innovation – Out-of-the box support for mixed and assisted reality devices.

Why Vuforia Studio

Vuforia Studio delivers powerful, industrial-strength AR technology that connects your digital and physical workspaces. It enables meaningful, actionable 3D interactions with facilities, processes and objects in the industrial world.

  • Empower service technicians with real-time access to AR-guided repair procedures.
  • Improve assembly time and operator efficiency with step-by-step manufacturing work instructions.
  • Improve knowledge transfer and reduce time & cost of workforce skills training.

Vuforia Studio Videos

Vuforia Studio Experience Gallery.

Assist customers with service procedures.

Embed product and real-time sensor information.

Vuforia Studio Insights

Run Vuforia Studio experiences on any mobile device: Smart Phone, tablet, AR glasses.

Vuforia Studio

Rapidly achieve results that used to require large time and resource commitment.

Vuforia Studio

Publish AR experiences with a click!

Vuforia Studio

Embed real-time data in the 3D device representation (IoT).

Vuforia Studio

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Vuforia Studio Case Study


Vuforia Studio Case Study


Vuforia Studio Case Study