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It’s your product data. What do you want to do with it?

Product data is your organization’s most valuable asset. Decisions made with this information can greatly impact your business, including product safety and reliability, speed of innovation, on-time and on–budget delivery, and more.

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Key Features

  • Connect product data for accurate decision-making.
  • Discover new insights from relevant data.
  • Modern UI, which is intuitive, training-free, and accessible.
  • Extensible to new data sources, new systems, and new user experiences.

Why Thingworx Navigate

ThingWorx Navigate is a revolutionary new set of applications from PTC that let more stakeholders across a company access and impact product data sourced from multiple systems of record in a simple, role-based interface. With a modern user experience that is as easy to use as a smartphone app, ThingWorx Navigate is ideal for any stakeholder throughout a product’s lifecycle.

  • IoT-enabled: ThingWorx Navigate apps can include IoT data.
  • Tailorable: simple controls limit or expand what can be viewed and searched based on selected properties and attributes of the data.
  • Secure: data is only served based on the security permissions of the user in the system of record.
  • Mobile-ready: with ThingWorx Mobile Builder, apps can be accessed via users’ device of choice–smartphone, tablet, PC.

Thingworx Navigate Insights

Deploy with Windchill.

Voir: Voir le document/ Voir le dessin/ Voir la liste des pièces/ Voir la structure des pièces/ Télécharger les fichiers de conception/ Voir le modèle 3-D et mesurer/ Vérifier ‘où-utilisé’/ Voir les avis de changement (ECN)

Contribuer: Marquer/ Revoir et approuver/ Compléter la tâche/l’action/ Joindre/modifier un document/ Créer un rapport de problème/ Créer une déviation/renonciation/ Créer une non-conformité

Créer: Gérer les documents/ Gérer les collaborations/ Gérer les changements/ Gérer les versions/ Initier les processus/ Créer des rapports

Role/Task-based Apps

Role-based App Architecture
Apps for Roles or Tasks

Thingworx Navigate 8.5 Demo

Project References

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