ThingWorx Asset Advisor

Remotely monitor and automatically detect anomalies across your various assets

Kickstart your Industrie 4.0 Journey with PTC’s ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps.

Rework, scrap, and unplanned downtime can negatively impact your cost structure. ThingWorx Asset Advisor puts you in the best position to improve capital equipment maintenance, operational efficiency and final product quality.

ThingWorx Asset Advisor connects to your manufacturing equipment and provides real-time sensor details, alerts and anomalies. This allows you to understand how your equipment is being utilized, how it performs and ultimately improve the efficiency of that equipment.

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Key Features

  • Optimized maintenance planning and execution
  • Rapid implementation and fast time to value
  • Increased efficiency and flexibility
  • Improved quality
  • Reduced scrap and rework
  • Reduced unplanned downtime

Why ThingWorx Asset Advisor

ThingWorx Asset Advisor improves your maintenance processes and production performance with real-time monitoring of your assets. Automatic detection of anomalies and visibility into sensor details help you catch problems before they potentially impact production.
  • Automatically detect anomalous readings to take proactive action
  • Real-time visibility into asset status, sensor details and issues
  • Connects to all your industrial assets

ThingWorx Asset Advisor Insights