ThingWorx Solution Central

All Solutions in one Place

ThingWorx Solution Central is a centralized portal in the cloud that allows global and site system administrators to efficiently discover, deploy, and manage ThingWorx applications across the enterprise, from a single location. It offers the scalability to seamlessly deploy to one or multiple sites, and provides enterprise-wide visibility to foster maximum productivity.

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Key Features

  • Automatic identification of dependencies for ThingWorx applications
  • Detection and alerts of unassigned entities no yet included in a project
  • Dependencies are packaged and pushed to central cloud repository
  • Packages can be deployed to any ThingWorx instance in any location, on premise or in the

Why ThingWorx Solution Central

A cloud-hosted service, ThingWorx Solution Central plays a pivotal role in the software development lifecycle by accelerating deployments and simplifying management of ThingWorx applications and their associated dependencies in any environment, across the enterprise.
  • Deployments to a single environment are executed using simple, intuitive user interface
  • Automated, large-scale deployments publish to multiple environments
  • Artifacts are standardized and integrate with third-party DevOps tools already in use
  • All ThingWorx applications can be backed up in a central respository

ThingWorx Solution Central Insights