Thingworx Studio


Augmented Reality (AR) presents both opportunities and challenges for developers deploying applications with AR at scale. The creation of compelling experiences for the enterprise has been historically difficult, limiting the reach of how much and what can be developed.

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Key Features

  • Visual “drag and drop” authoring tools.
  • Automatic optimization and reduction of 3D data.
  • Intuitive 3D navigation and 3D touch interaction.
  • Connected devices, operations, and systems data via ThingWorx platform.
  • Flexible deployment via cloud or on-premise.

Why Thingworx Studio

ThingWorx Studio is a powerful solution for creating, deploying, and consuming game-changing AR experiences in the enterprise. The easy-to-use, “drag and drop” interface enables industrial stakeholders quickly create and share scalable AR experiences without requiring programming skills.

  • Author and publish compelling experiences in minutes without the need to write code.
  • Simplify enterprise sharing of experiences using a single, universal viewer application.
  • Enhance experiences with IoT and business system data via the ThingWorx platform.
  • Leverage existing 3D content to reduce the cost and complexity of content creation.

Thingworx Studio Insights

Visualize: Enhance the view of the physical world. Overlay real-world or hypothetical digital information: IoT data/ Digital models/ Third-party data/ Location data/ Business systems information

Guide: Train or guide users on how to perform a task through the overlay of digital instructions or real-time expert guidance: Real-time transfer of knowledge and expertise/ Digital step-by-step instructions to guide user

Interact: Manipulate digital graphics or extend a product interface through an MR interface: Expanded and customize control of product functions/ Modify digital designs/ Product companion experiences e.g. enhance physical products with digital experiences

Valeur de la réalité mixte

  • Habiliter les techniciens avec des instructions de travail étape par étape pour le service, l’assemblage ou l’inspection.
  • Augmenter les chances de vente grace a l’utilisation de produits visuels et de salles d’exposition numérisées.
  • Faciliter la collaboration dans la phase de conception et réduire les prototypes coûteux.
  • Utiliser de nouvelles méthodes de formation pour optimiser la productivité des employés.