Thingworx Foundation

Enabling the Creation of Breakthrough Solutions for the Smart, Connected World

The explosion of the Internet of Things (IoT) has created an unprecedented demand for smart, connected products. With the unlimited potential of the burgeoning IoT in their sights, developers are clamouring for the best tools and technologies to create innovative solutions that harness the power of the smart, connected world.

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Key Features

  • Rapid, model-driven application design enables creation and deployment of solutions that speed time to market.
  • Applications built with ThingWorx Foundation are scalable and secure.
  • Flexible connectivity options maximize market opportunity and minimize integration efforts.
  • Open platform empowers enterprises to maximize existing technology investments.

Why Thingworx Foundation

ThingWorx Foundation delivers the solution in a single, ready-built IoT development platform. With deep functional capabilities and the industry’s largest ecosystem of partners, ThingWorx enables rapid development of feature-rich IoT applications that maximize return on investment in new technologies.

  • Create, test, and deploy industrial IoT solutions faster than ever thought possible
  • Build more feature-rich solutions in a fraction of the time
  • Deploy IoT solutions that meet the needs of the largest of enterprises

Product Overview

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Why develop on an IoT platform?

ThingWorx Industrial IoT Platform

Standardize Connectivity to Devices, Applications, and Systems

Thingworx Foundation Insights

The “Thing Model”

  • The ThingModel is the digital representation of an actual physical “thing”.
  • A Thing is a true digital twin of a device or a process.
  • It is made up of real-time data – thing’s properties, services, subscriptions, and events.
  • A Thing can be built from an unlimited number of data sources.

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