Windchill Supplier Management

Manage, analyze and communicate supply chain and compliance-related information

Most manufacturing companies today are facing a major hurdle in selecting the optimal supplier and manufacturer for products that involve mulitiple lines, programs, and geographies. Making the wrong choice can have huge implications in product cost and time-to-market.

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Key Features

  • Approved Manufacturer and Vendor Lists (AML/AVL)
  • Define and Classify Manufacturer and Vendor Parts
  • Part Preferences
  • Part Grading
  • AML/AVL Definition and Change Management
  • Define Manufacturers and Vendor
  • Define Default Supplier Preferences

Why Windchill Supplier Management

Windchill Supplier Management from PTC establishes a key link between your design and downstream functions such as procurement, sourcing, and manufacturing. The result: designers have instant access to critical supply chain and compliance information during the component selection process, which means better, more cost-effective decisions—right from the outset of the development process.