Windchill Service Parts Information & Instructions

Manage context-specific service information to facilitate information reuse, streamline change management and enable delivery of configuration-based technical publications

The Windchill Service Parts Information and Instructions add-on improves service operations efficiency and effectiveness by enabling service information to be organized and optimized for accuracy, applicability, and rich, graphics-driven delivery. This add-on requires the Windchill Premium or Windchill Advanced license as a prerequisite.

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Key Features

  • Enhance service information relevance.
  • Maintain up-to-date service information through streamlined change management.
  • Increase author productivity.
  • Streamlined translation management.
  • Efficient processes for defining and updating service parts lists.
  • Maintain Up-to-Date Service Information through Streamlined Changed Management.
  • Defines content applicability such as product options, operating conditions, serial numbers, etc.
  • Define service-specific product optionality or reuse engineering option codes to tag service content.
  • Easy User Interface with PubStruct Toolbar.
  • Author Publication Structures based on Information Structures.

Why Windchill Service Parts Information & Instructions

Organizing service content in a functional system within the context of a product and defining information applicability helps organizations to maximize content reuse across product families, streamline change management processes and facilitate delivery of contextual, configuration-specific service information.

  • Maintain associativity between engineering and service information, so that changes on the engineering side can be quickly communicated to the service side.
  • Ensure that customer service, technical support and field service operations have access to the most up-to-date service information.
  • Align service content with the product definition, for contextual information of the highest accuracy and consistency.
  • Strengthen the connection between engineers and support organizations to improve the feedback loop from service operations to engineering.

Solution Benefits


  • Increase company & service profit.
  • Ensure customer value.
  • Increase service efficiency.


  • Improve revenue for service parts.
  • Increase technician productivity.
  • Reduce turnaround times.


  • Faster service resolution times.
  • Higher equipment uptime and productivity.
  • Increased customer satisfaction through product performance.