Strategy Consulting

Choosing the right strategy sets the course for a company and has a long-term influence on the relevant parameters. But individual organizational units also benefit from a long-term strategy.

Our consulting approach puts your products in the foreground. Regardless of whether it is a question of reducing costs, minimizing product development times or increasing quality, there are always decisive levers for improving the key figures, also and above all in the way products are designed, developed and manufactured. We know where and how to apply the levers so that you can achieve sustainable improvements. And since we have learned our business from the bottom up, we can not only develop strategies, but also implement them verifiably and reliably with you:

  • Strategic value assessment
  • Recording of the process and IT landscape
  • Identification of the “hot spots” in the product development process
  • Development of a long-term PLM roadmap
  • Sustainable communication and implementation of the planned initiatives

System Consulting

Choosing a new software solution can present a company with a difficult challenge: The criteria to be considered are complex, the multitude of providers confusing and the configuration options almost limitless. With medium-sized companies in particular, it is also difficult to find the expertise for a valid assessment in-house. On the other hand, the new system sets the course for the future and invests considerable amounts of time, money and nerves.

We want to help you find the right toolset to support your development and service organization. The key words are product lifecycle management, service lifecycle management and production optimization. We include your existing system landscape as well as your current business processes and your strategies for business development. We will work with you to develop a cost- and resource-saving concept that will keep your company strong and grow over the long term.

La gestion du changement

Dans un environnement en constante évolution, les entreprises ont besoins de stratégies et de technologies perfectionnées pour rester compétitives sur le marché mondial. La globalisation, les fluctuations économiques et les nouvelles technologies nécessitent un ajustement constant des processus et des logiciels en place.

Ces changements ne peuvent être probants que si, et seulement si, l’entreprise parvient à définir des objectifs clairs et un éventail large, solide, de services, qu’elle communique à ses employés.

Grace à nos conseils, vous pourrez planifier des stratégies de communication stables et vous serez en mesure d’optimiser l’organisation de vos projets.

Team Data Management

When designing a new system in product development, manufacturing or services users remain at the center of your design. The key of any successful process is a solid team backing your design to get things done quicker and better.

To support task distribution, role definition comes into play.Once responsibilities and access control have been defined, your design needs to support and improve team collaboration.

To succeed in team data management, it is crucial to find out who to involve and how to define the share of accountability participants will be given. Where are the boundaries, where are the gaps?

Confronting your users with the defined roles they will be mapped to is also a challenge which needs to be carefully planned and communicated.