Onshape’s cloud software seamlessly blends powerful 3D CAD

Onshape is a computer-aided design (CAD) software system, delivered over the Internet via a Software as a Service (SAAS) model. It makes extensive use of cloud computing, with compute-intensive processing and rendering performed on Internet-based servers, and users are able to interact with the system via a web browser or the iOS and Android apps.

Onshape allows teams to collaborate on a single shared design, the same way multiple writers can work together editing a shared document via cloud services. It is primarily focused on mechanical CAD (MCAD) and is used for product and machinery design across many industries, including consumer electronics, mechanical machinery, medical devices, 3D printing, machine parts, and industrial equipment.

Onshape upgrades are released directly to the web interface, and the software does not require maintenance work from the user.

Onshape Enterprise 

Onshape Professional 

What is Onshape?

What’s new in Onshape 2021?

Key Features

Anywhere, any time
Access your models from any modern web browser or from iOS/Android devices.

Secure Cloud Workspace
Everyone has the latest version:
no downloads, installs, license keys, or service packs.

Design Data Management
Maintain a single source of truth for your data, without PDM systems or sending around files.

Branching and Merging
Explore, compare, and combine
design changes made by all other users, conflict-free.

Controlled Access
Share your CAD data with only those you
want to see it. Monitor, change, and revoke permissions at any time.

Multi-Part Design Studio
Design all related parts together in one place.

Create variations of models with different sets of
parameters to switch between them easily.

Standard Content
Fashion stacks of fasteners and capture fit, form,
and function.

In-Context Design
Add relationships between parts of an assembly
without the risk of unpredictable updates.

Simultaneous Sheet Metal Tools
Visualize errors immediately by
seeing folded, flat, and table views as you design.

Onshape App Store
Add specialized
features – such as simulation, rendering, or CAM – from multiple partners. Try before you buy.

Custom Features
Create shareable built-in CAD features through Onshape’s powerful programming language, FeatureScript.

One Environment
Access the App Store and
custom features from within Onshape’s securecloud workspace, without worrying about compatibility, license keys, or login credentials.

Why Onshape Enterprise

Onshape Enterprise is a unique design platform that speeds up product development, combining CAD, release management, real-time collaboration, and detailed analytics to help extended design teams work together faster and help executives make better data-driven business decisions. Companies using file-based CAD and Product Data Management (PDM) often struggle to manage their design process and keep their design teams and design data connected. When CAD files are checked-out of PDM, other team members and managers have no access to those files and no way to track design activity. Project status, design issues, conflicts, and resource planning can only be determined once all files are checked back in. This disjointed, serial workflow can lead to errors, project delays and cost overruns. Unlike old CAD and PDM, Onshape Enterprise puts you in control. Design teams benefit from enhanced collaboration and ease of access. Managers benefit from advanced security and real-time analytics to optimize and coordinate their product development process.

Secure Control
Manage access to company data by user, role, team or project and enforce 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) for added security. Monitor data use, sign-in locations and user activity with detailed reports and audit logs.

Universal Access
Provide easy access for extended teams with custom domains and instant provisioning of Full users (for data editing), Light users (view-only), and Guest users (temporary).

Unprecedented Visibility
Real-time reports and analytics provide insight into design activity to help managers measure team effectiveness, project status, and other key performance indicators.

Enterprise Integration
Connect with PLM/ERP and other business systems via the Onshape API and configure Single Sign-On (SSO) for centralized user authentication.

Onshape Enterprise Product Picture
Onshape Professional Product Picture

Why Onshape Professional

Onshape Professional is the modern CAD system that frees engineers to focus on doing their best work. Old CAD systems haven’t evolved from the same on-premise installations, expensive hardware, and file-based architectures they introduced thirty years ago. Barriers such as Product Data Management (PDM) systems, painful upgrades, data loss, and compatibility issues create unnecessary frustrations that reduce productivity and increase costs. Unlike old CAD systems, Onshape unites parametric modeling tools and design data management in a secure cloud workspace that is accessible on any device and never loses data. With no files to lose or corrupt, no license keys to manage, and no installed desktop software, Onshape helps engineering teams get out of the IT business so they can get back in the innovation business.

Eliminate Design Gridlock
Remove the constant waiting, distractions, and hassles that prevent engineers from doing their best work.

Sharpen Your Collaboration
Confidently share designs with colleagues and customers. Your data is all in one place, accessible from anywhere.

Get Your Work Done Faster
Save time with fundamentally better parametric modeling tools, such as multi-part design, configurations, and in-context design.