Arbortext Connector

Bridging the Gap between Arbortext and Windchill

Tired of manually collecting data from external sources? Ever wondered, how you can leverage product information more easily in Arbortext?

Wonder no more, the Arbortext Connector is here to help!

The Arbortext Connector builds a bridge between your Arbortext documents and crucial product data. Information held in Windchill objects, such as WTParts (e.g. eBOM, mBOMS, sBOM) or WTDocuments is retrieved automatically, saving you money, time and hazzle.

With the Connector, Windchill content can be sourced, updated or frozen, giving you complete flexibility. And thanks to the built-in change tracking, you see exactly which Windchill fields have changed and you can incorporate these changes on an as-needed basis.

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How does it work?

The Arbortext Connector uses special Windchill XML tags to point to data fields in Windchill.
This gives you a live link to information from engineering, manufacturing or services. Also, you can add directives to transform, aggregate and enrich data prior to Arbortext retrieval.
When refreshing your Windchill content, you can now update individual elements, single lists and tables or the whole document.

ArbortextConnector Editor

How does it help me?

  • Save hours of tedious text copying for initial document population.
  • Eliminate errors and ensure up-to-date information in sensitive records, such as technical manuals, certificates and legal documents.
  • Monitor changes of product data directly in the context of your Arbortext document.
  • Trace Arbortext content back to where it lives in Windchill to gain full transparency.
  • See immediately who owns linked data in Windchill.

What are the key features?

  • Data retrieval from any WT-Part or WT-Document structure (other data types upcoming), such as alternate parts, speed, temperature, torque…
  • Support of hard and soft attributes, support of dependency navigation.
  • Data filtering, transformation, aggregation and augmentation.
  • Optional change tracking to accept or reject changes from the master repository.
  • Temporary freeze of selected content to exclude from Windchill updates.
  • Missing information highlighted.
  • One-click navigation from linked XML content to its Windchill origin in a web browser.
ArbortextConnector Update

What do I need?

  • Arbortext 7.0 F000 or higher.
  • Windchill 10.2 or higher (incl. PDMLink, Service Information Manager, ProjectLink).