Reporting Booster

Compelling Windchill Reports: Fast, Reliable, Simple

As the primary product data backbone, Windchill PDMLink is the key source for crucial company metrics. Effective reporting allows you to measure statistics around product maturity, change management efficiency and NPI performance.

The Arsandis Reporting Booster lets you gather valuable data with unprecedented efficiency. With a unique Windchill optimised data warehouse approach, data retrieval becomes up to 1000 times faster compared to standard query builders.

Additionally, the Reporting Booster understands custom configurations and soft types and comes with an easy-to-use business intelligence layer. As it supports the full SQL standard, you can run queries that are inaccessible with Windchill alone.

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How does it work?

Unlike Windchill, the Reporting Booster merely needs read-only access to the database backbone to process and analyse data. When initialised, it creates a data warehouse optimised view of the Windchill data model. This view combines standard Windchill tables with your company specific configuration of soft types and attributes. The result is a model optimised for speed and simplicity.

How does it help me?

  • Save time by getting report results in lightning speed.
  • Simple to use interface for report creation, no administrator knowledge needed.
  • Create queries with ease, without in-depth knowledge of the Windchill data model.
  • Protect your live Windchill system performance from elevated reporting activities.

What are the key features?

  • Speeds up Windchill reports by a factor of up to 1000.
  • Provides an online and offline mode, i.e. with/without direct access to the live Windchill system.
  • Completely non-intrusive, your Windchill installation remains untouched.
  • Pre-configured with best-in-class open source business intelligence layer BIRT.
  • Open to connect from any other business intelligence tool.
  • Can be integrated into an existing data warehouse.
  • Support for recursive queries, e.g. on part or document structures.

What do I need?

  • Windchill 11.0 or higher (incl. PDMLink, ProjectLink, Service Information Manager)
  • Oracle 12c/18c
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