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Arsandis is an IT consultancy and service company.

We support market leaders in the manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, high-tech and telecommunication industries with our team of experts working for over 20 years in optimizing all aspects of a product life cycle, from innovation and design, to manufacturing and connected services.

To be successful, effective processes and appropriate technologies go hand-in-hand.

Arsandis’s proven user enablement program ensures that you maximize user acceptance and system efficiency.

Arsandis is based in Bavaria, Germany. Our clients are located and/or operating around the globe.

What are the Advantages of PLM?

During development, engineers need to know they are working with accurate, version or serial specific product information. A Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) system provides company wide configuration specific and time accurate product information from a single source…

Why SLM?


London Chocolate Forum

The world’s biggest international chocolate industry conference and networking event for the industrial chocolate industry.

When? 10th October 2019.

Content Delivery

Attend the next Content Delivery Symposium in Esslingen, Germany!

When? 26 September 2019.

Arbortext User Conference Europe

Coming up in December 2019.

More information soon!

We Help You on Your Digital Journey

We Support Companies Reach a State-of-the-Art Training Strategy

Assisted Reality

A small investment will get you started in assisted reality. Use your smart phone or tablet, and assist in real time less experienced staff and customers around the globe..

Augmented Reality

AR brings a multitude of values to the manufacturing industry. Using a smart phone, a tablet or special  goggles, augmented reality shows you, spot on, what to be aware of or how to handle a situation…

Virtual Reality

VR has been around for a long time, but only recently has hardware become affordable for effective corporate use. We have filmed a few sequences from a virtual experiences for manufacturers in the confectionery industry…

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