Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality AR Arsandis

AR at a Glance

Augmented Reality (AR) is way of projecting digital information in the real-world. It also allows users to interact in real time with the information presented.

Today, to remain competitive, you need to be more receptive to your employees’ needs and buyers’ expectations.

Your product portfolio probably comes with a wide range of machines in different options and variants. Let’s not forget the products which are custom built.

Now imagine there is a production stop. Will you be able to send a technician right away? Despite geographical distances, does the technician have the know-how to disassemble, identify parts and later reassemble the machine? 

What You Should Know

AR provides easily accessible work instructions by enhancing the physical world with critical digital information.

This information can be a 3D representation of a physical object people interact with, but also sensor data, step-by-step instructions, hazard warnings and much more.

The idea behind an AR application is to deliver the right information at the right time and location, when users need it the most.

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