Windchill Requirements and Validation & Source

Capture, Manage and Validate Requirements Over the Life of Your Product.

The Windchill® Requirements and Validation solution helps manufacturing organizations meet customers’ specific needs for smarter, more innovative, high quality products and systems. Powered by the PTC Windchill™ product family, it enables teams to specify, define, verify, and validate requirements across the product engineering lifecycle. This solution is available as a convenient, cost-saving subscription that bundles software and support together.

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Key Features

  • Advanced Configuration Management: Fine-grained versioning, branching and baselining provide advanced support for requirements engineering and variant management.
  • Powerful Lifecycle Traceability: Easily establish and manage traceability between requirements at all levels, including those located in different documents, using traceability matrices and drag-and-drop operations.
  • Advanced Authoring and Collaboration: Familiar interface with rich-text support for document views as well as list and hierarchical views.
  • Enables teams to easily share and synchronize rich requirements information across team, product, and vendor boundaries.

Why Requirements and Validation & Source

The Windchill® Requirements and Validation solution combines requirements and test management with requirements interchange capabilities in a flexible, cost-effective subscription that directly aligns budgets to results.  It offers end-to-end traceability to reduce risk, and comprehensive change and audit management to protect strategic assets while simplifying regulatory reporting.

  • Safeguard strategic assets with complete audit trails of changing, branching, and evolving requirements.
  • Speed time-to-market with fast access to data content and by optimizing parallel development and the reuse of requirements groups.
  • Improve product quality and compliance by managing test sessions, assessing the impact of change proposals, and verifying results against requirements to reduce costly errors and rework.
  • Empower safe, cross-functional collaboration spanning teams and complex supply chains with rich requirements exchange capabilities, and comprehensive change management.

RV&S Insights

For Software and Systems Engineering

Windchill Requirements and Validation & Source
  • Define how product, users, and the environment truly interact.
  • Manage requirements.
  • Streamline compliance.
  • Share best practices.
  • Optimise reuse to improve time-to-market.
  • Manage the evolution and release of strategic software assets.
  • Address quality early.