Virtual Factory Starter Kit

Unlock the Power of a Non-physical World!

Are you burning to try out the latest technology, machines which have just come onto the market or have not yet been released?

Are your customers looking for new equipment, but still unsure about their decision?

What about internal knowledge transfer: Do you need to roll out training worldwide on new equipment in a hazardous environment?

Our Virtual Factory Starter Kit empowers your business to unlock the full potential of your workforce in new ways: Let them immerse in a parallel dimension so that they can improve their skills at their chosen pace. Training has never been so effective and easy to roll out.

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How does it work?

To immerse into the VR Factory experience, simply put your headset on and start the application. A library enables you to choose equipment from a portfolio and to place it in the factory or in the annexing lab. Build simulated production lines or equip the lab as you would need it. Walk around the premises, inspect, open or dismantle machines. If available, experience how to interact with the technology, how to start, stop and maintain equipment with zero risk!

Virtual Factory Inside View 2

How does it help me?

  • Join with peers around the world your instructor in a virtual training environment.
  • Go to the virtual conference room and listen to presentations or watch demonstrations.
  • Practice in the lab whenever you want.
  • Train on the equipment on the shop-floor to increase your skills.
  • No life-threatening risks when learning how to operate new machines.
  • No risk of machines being damaged.
  • Help customers to make the right purchase decision.
  • Draw attention to your whole set of products, not only what customers are asking for.

What are the key features?

  • Set up worldwide training environments that replicate the real environment cost effectively.
  • Support Sales and Marketing by giving them outstanding product replications for stunning demonstrations.
  • Easily import and create your own equipment libraries.
  • Simulate running machines in conjunction with working procedures.
  • Create countless interactive service maintenance procedures.
  • Leverage knowledge and practical knowhow from senior staff.
Virtual Factory Inside View

What do I need?

  • VR Ready hardware.
  • VR Headset with controllers for each hand.

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