PTC Creo Illustrate

Communicate complex graphical information effectively with rich, 3D interactive technical illustrations.

The use of 3D illustrations is a rapidly growing opportunity for manufacturers to deliver more effective technical information. Creo Illustrate couples superior 3D illustration capabilities with associative CAD data to deliver task based graphical content, specific to product configurations, supporting formats from hard copy to Augmented Reality (A/R).

7 ways to better technical Illustrations.

7 Steps To Better Technical Illustrations

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Key Features

  • Increase comprehension and parts accuracy.
  • Reduce translation costs.
  • Accelerate repair and maintenance times.
  • Improve product performance and customer experience.
  • Deliver interactive training materials and technical information to improve product adoption and customer satisfaction.

Why PTC Creo Illustrate

Creo Illustrate combines superior 3D illustration capabilities with associative CAD data to deliver task based graphical content that makes operating, servicing and assembling products easier and more efficient.

  • Reduces translation costs by replacing text with illustrations.
  • Conveys complex information through 3D animations on wearable or hand-held devices.
  • Improves illustrator productivity by automating illustration change management throughout the product lifecycle.
  • Increases accuracy by automating parts lists creation and call-outs directly from CAD metadata.
  • Provides 2D and 3D publishing in support of multiple output formats ranging from paper to AR.

PTC Creo Illustrate Insights

Illustrations are generated from CAD.

Creo Illustrate Excavator

Create assembly instructions.

Creo Illustrate Detail View

Illustrations are sBOM driven.

Creo Illustrate EBOM SBOM MBOM

Illustrations are generated in multiple formats with automatic update option.

Creo Illustrate Process Instructions

Creo Illustrate Schematics

2D charting software for creating 2D schematic diagrams of wiring and cable systems.

  • Interactive schematics with cross selection highlighting.
  • Application of color based on desired interpretation of data.
  • Associativity with source engineering data.
  • Cross-linkage between Models of the same System.

Re-purpose schematic diagrams to enhance interactive trouble shooting!

Creo Illustrate Schematics

Creo Illustrate Demo

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Case Study Creo Illustrate Hirotch America