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Strategy Consulting

Are you trying to promote innovation and increase efficiency?Are you attempting to obtain a competitive edge by making the most use of your IT resources?
To help you achieve your business objectives, we offer professional consulting services:

  • Analysis of the IT systems and infrastructure in place.
  • Finding the weak points, snags, or areas that could use improvement.
  • Creation of a thorough IT strategy in line with the goals of your business.
  • Advice on the choice and application of new technologies.
  • Evaluation of the opportunities and risks related to IT investments.
  • Benchmarking and contrasting with standards and best practices in the industry.

Get in touch with us to start a collaboration that yields quantifiable results.

Strategic IT Solutions

Are you fully leveraging your IT systems? Is there room to enhance efficiency, bolster security, and streamline costs?

Leveraging our expertise and experience, we specialize in optimizing your IT infrastructure to unlock its full potential.

Our comprehensive services encompass:

  • Thorough analysis of your IT landscape.
  • Expert recommendations for selecting and integrating new system components.
  • Development of scalable system architectures and designs.
  • Seamless installation and configuration of IT systems.
  • In-depth performance analysis and fine-tuning.

Change Management

Is maintaining the quality, reliability, and compliance of products and processes across their lifecycle part of your mandate?

We stand ready to assist you in this critical task, offering consultation in key areas such as:

  • Change request capture.
  • Evaluation of the impact on products and processes, considering factors like urgency, cost, and risks.
  • Design of a meticulous change process, complete with stakeholder approval or change board endorsement.
  • Process implementation within the Windchill PLM system.

Rely on us to safeguard the integrity of your products and processes, guaranteeing alignment with rigorous quality standards and legal requirements.

Supplier Management

Is it your duty to enhance supply chain quality and reliability while simultaneously reducing costs, mitigating risks, and fortifying the company’s competitiveness?

We offer support in seamlessly implementing and mapping supplier management within your PLM system. This empowers users in engineering, manufacturing, or services to choose for each part the optimal supplier.