Learning Companion

Your closest and smartest friend wherever you go, whenever you need it.

Want to increase career opportunities within your company? Lacking assistance at work? Or overwhelmed by new technology and an ever faster changing working environment?

The Learning Companion is the ultimate mobile e-learning app. Find precise information fast and easily, increase the value of your contribution to the company by gaining knowledge at your pace, in a fully interactive learning environment tailored to your needs.

Learning Companion is also your 24/7 assistant when you quickly need to check how to perform specific tasks or need to look up those dos, don’ts, and best practices.

Experience virtual reality or start the app on your mobile and desktop devices. Anyone can benefit from this state-of-the-art application, from IT professionals to engineers and technicians working on heavy machinery in hazardous environments. The learning experience is safe, efficient, and rewarding!

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How does it work?

Simply install the Learning Companion App onto a laptop, mobile device, or VR glasses. Select your expertise level and get started! Enter an engaging virtual classroom and launch interactive micro-learning units in an entertaining way. Skip levels or units, alternatively deep dive into expert knowledge. The app guaranties full access to an almost infinite amount of knowledge sources in a stress-free way.

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How does it help me?

  • Flexible training times.
  • Fun and interactive learning units.
  • Training content acts as a knowledge base.
  • Connect to open knowledge sources, such as forums or wikis from the app.
  • Keep track of your learning progress.

What do I need?

  • Windows 7 or higher, Mac OS X
  • Android, iOS

What are the key features?

  • Training measures for employees can be flexibly integrated into their everyday work and adapted individually.
  • Each user selects an entry level for every knowledge category.
  • Explanatory videos with audio that also offer subtitles for silent mode.
  • Simulations closely target the topic to guaranty precise time management.
  • Connect to social media, web portals and other open IT-repositories without leaving the learning environment.
  • Optional quizzes and tests confirm the acquired knowledge.
  • Connect to a certification portal hosted by your company.
  • Connect to your corporate test or production environment.
Learning Companion Training Area

What are the administration options?

The app can be deployed according to specifications, including levels and roles. With a series of admin tools, you have the ability to expand and maintain content.

Learning Companion Introduction Videos

Learning Companion Part 1

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