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PTC Vuforia Solution and Software Components

Vuforia Chalk

Chalk is a dynamic collaboration and communication tool for your organization’s experts to provide real-time assistance to technicians facing complex or unfamiliar challenges.

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Vuforia Studio Product Page

Vuforia Studio

This application provides industrial companies with the tools to quickly create and widely deliver Augmented Reality content that transforms operations, facilitates knowledge transfer and improves profitability.

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Vuforia Expert Capture

Expert Capture is an easy, out of the box solution for knowledge transfer. It empowers frontline workers with augmented expert guidance so they can get the job done quickly, accurately, and safely – the first time and every time.

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Vuforia Instruct

Make your visual inspections a lot more visual, a lot more intuitive, and a lot more accurate. Explore this out-of-the-box solution for fast and easy creation, execution and analysis of CADbased work instructions. AR-enabled instructions empower frontline workers, improves quality, and drives continuous improvement.

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Vuforia Engine

By bringing together strong computer vision, dynamic features and easy-to-use software tools, this application enables developers to create sophisticated, branded AR experiences.

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