User Acceptance, Maintenance & Support


Do you have highly customized IT systems?

Testing in software development is a crucial process aimed at delivering high-quality software that meets user needs, complies with standards, and operates reliably in various environments.

Before deploying new software components or add-ons, we perform:

  • Functional Testing to ensure the software operates in accordance with the requirements.
  • Non-functional Testing to evaluate aspects like performance, usability, reliability and security to ensure data protection.
  • Automated Testing to reduce testing time.
  • Integration Testing to verify the interactions between different components of the software.
  • Regression Testing to ensure that recent changes to the software have not adversely affected existing functionality.
  • User Acceptance Testing to involve end-users or stakeholders.

Instructor-Led Training (ILT)

User acceptance is absolutely critical for the success of any software project. That’s why we offer tailored training sessions, conducted either on-site or at our office.

Our aim? To create an interactive and immersive learning environment that ensures your team is fully equipped to embrace the new software.

During these sessions, participants are encouraged to engage in discussions, pose questions, and collaborate with their peers. Our instructors are readily available to provide immediate feedback on assignments, exercises, or inquiries, thereby aiding learners in grasping concepts more effectively.

Through hands-on exercises, participants have the opportunity to individually or collaboratively apply what they’ve learned in real-world scenarios. This approach not only enhances retention but also fosters the development of practical skills.

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Virtual Training 

Participants in this scenario participate in remote training sessions, usually via virtual classrooms or video conferencing. Participants and instructors engage in real-time communication despite their physical locations being apart.

Because virtual training offers such great scheduling flexibility, businesses can accommodate learners who are located in different time zones.

Additionally, because it does not require travel or lodging, virtual training turns out to be more cost-effective than conventional in-person training.

Additionally, you have the option to record training sessions, enabling participants or those unable to attend to review the material at their own pace.

On-theJob Training (OJT)  

On-the-job training is a dynamic learning approach wherein employees cultivate new skills, knowledge, and competencies while actively fulfilling their routine job responsibilities.

Embedded within the framework of their daily work tasks, this training method empowers employees to promptly implement freshly acquired knowledge in their job assignments. Throughout this process, they benefit from the invaluable guidance, feedback, and support provided by our experienced trainers.

Server Maintenance

Is ensuring your Windchill system operates at its best one of your top priorities?

We are committed to maintaining your Windchill system’s peak performance and continuous availability.

We can assist you in conducting regular reviews of server logs and implementing necessary fixes. Additionally, we install updates provided by PTC to address bugs, enhance functionality, and mitigate security vulnerabilities.