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AR at a Glance

Augment Reality (AR) is an interactive approach of presenting relevant digital information in the real-world environment.

Service Contracts Augmented Reality


Service Income

  • Stronger competitive position
  • New opportunities
  • More contract renewals
Customer Satisfaction Augmented Reality


Customer Satisfaction

  • Higher First Time Fix Rate
  • Shortened Mean Time To Repair
  • Less onsite service trips
Employee Efficiency Augmented Reality


Workforce Efficiency

  • Less employee turnover
  • Optimized knowledge transfer
  • Higher productivity
Maintenance Costs Augmented Reality

Reduce Service /

Maintenance Costs

  • Fewer emergency trips
  • Fewer security incidents
  • Reduced workload
Industry Challenges

What you should know

AR offers the opportunity to provide easily accessible work instructions through enhancing the physical world by overlaying important digital content – connecting employees to critical information when they need it the most.

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